Emergency Roof Tarping Services

Kari Smith
Kari Smith
Hometown Restoration was amazing. We had a roof leak. Hometown restoration came out on Christmas Eve to give me a roof tarp and put in a dehumidifier and fans to help us get the ceiling and walls dry. They were professional and took great care of us. Like
Cindy Moore
Cindy Moore
Hometown Restoration is the best. They are so thorough and quick to respond when we had a sink leak and cause damage in our kitchen. I highly recommend them
Meredith Swedo
Meredith Swedo
Justin (CEO of Hometown Restoration) came to my home within minutes of my initial call about an overflowed bathtub. He quickly and efficiently put all the pieces in place to dry out my carpet AND walls to make sure there was no black mold as a result. He gave us a great price on the whole project and took great care of us. I highly recommend!

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Roof Tarping Can Save Your Home from Further Damage

If you have roof damage, a hole in your roof, a shingle or tile that has broken and requires immediate attention, do not wait until more damage takes place! A simple call to Hometown Restoration, a licensed and insured General B Contractor , will help you with the immediate attention your roof needs. If you need help, we are here for you! (760) 822-1985
Emergency Roof Tarping Services:
An Important Step in Protecting Your Home


Unfortunately, no matter what type of roof you may have or what age that roof may be, storms and other types of damage can occur in and around San Diego, CA. Tree limbs can easily break in the wind, causing considerable damage to tile roofs, while wind and rain damage can be significant with shingle or slate types of roof systems.

When this damage happens, the roof deck is exposed, which can lead to damage to the underlying roof foundation. To prevent this from becoming an issue, Hometown Restoration offers emergency roof tarping services. We take emergency calls! (760) 822-1985

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