Damage from Water?

When damage happens because of water, every minute counts. Let the experts at Hometown Restoration take care of your property and give you the peace of mind that we'll have you back to normal in no time.

Highly Trained -Certified Techs

Our Technicians adhere to the strictest standards in the industry and undergo rigorous certifications to ensure they are fully educated on how to properly respond to emergency damage claims.

Advanced Drying Techniques

Go with the pros! We prioritize your health & wellness first. Maintaining Your Property and Valuables Second. And put corporate profits last. Most of the companies in our space have a "demolition first, dry second" approach. We believe in removing floors, and walls only when necessary and have many advanced techniques for drying structures without removing existing structures.

Rachel Barton
Rachel Barton@username
I found the staff to be extremely pleasant and accommodating. A fire in the house next door destroyed the siding on one side of my home. (the extreme heat, not the actual fire!) Their worker was on site for the house next door and introduced himself to me asking if I needed his company's service to repair my house and fence. His team of workers was so pleasant, professional and respectful. Getting the job done in good time and did an excellent job! I would recommend them for any type of restoration or renovation.
Kristen Chafin
Kristen Chafin@username
Jack and his team did an amazing job with the installation of my laminate flooring. They were precise in their work, while taking only a day to finish up 500 sq ft. of flooring space. They were thorough to provide instructions on the placement and maintenance of the flooring to make it last for a long time. I would highly recommend them to others, and would use their services in the future. Thank you guys!
Mark Stephenson
Mark Stephenson@username
They showed up quickly and took care of all our damage.
Claire Mcguire
Claire Mcguire@username
I had a basement flood and contacted Bob and was pleasantly surprised by the level of service. Hometown restoration crew arrived within 1.5 hours of me calling and quickly setup their equipment to extract the water. After that, they repaired the damage, including installing new carpet under padding as well as steam cleaning the carpets. Bob and his crew were timely, clean and professional. I would recommend using 5 Star Cleaning based upon my positive experience.
Sidney Garcia
Sidney Garcia@username
My father live in La Costa and we found mold in our home and would have been happy to pay almost anything for piece of mind. James from Hometown Restoration did an inspection and provided me with an honest assessment, a bit of clean up and a hour of caulking was all that was required. Honest and Trustworthy! I have no higher praise to give. Thank and recommend Hometown Restoration Experts and James in particular to everyone